Which Wan Technology Is Cellbased and Well Suited to Carry Voice and Video Traffic?

Similarly, Which WAN technology explain on a cell based and well suited to carry voice and video traffic?

Which cell-based WAN technology is most suitable for carrying voice and video traffic? Explanation: Cell-based architecture, or ATM. Because voice and video traffic cannot tolerate delays, the compact, stationary cells are ideal for handling these types of traffic.

Also, it is asked, What are two common types of circuit switched WAN technologies choose two?

The public switched telephone network (PSTN) and the integrated services digital network are the two most prevalent forms of circuit-switched WAN technology (ISDN). WAN technologies that use packet switching include Frame Relay and ATM.

Secondly, Which WAN technology establishes a dedicated constant point to point connection between two sites group of answer choices?

Dedicated continuous point-to-point connectivity between two locations is established using a leased link, as explained.

Also, Which packet-switched WAN technology offers high bandwidth connectivity capable of managing data voice and video all on the same infrastructure?

In order to manage data, audio, and video on the same infrastructure, Ethernet WAN offers a switched, high-bandwidth Layer 2 network.

People also ask, Which communication method is used in all WAN connections?

PSTN or satellite connections are the communication channels utilized by WAN. Low data rates are used by WAN.

Related Questions and Answers

Which of the following WAN technologies uses a cell based architecture rather than on a frame based architecture?

Technology using Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

What WAN technology is designed to deliver data voice and video simultaneously built on a cell based architecture?

Through both public and private networks, audio, video, and data may be sent using asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) technology. Instead of using a frame-based design, ATM is built on a cell-based architecture. The length of ATM cells is always 53 bytes.

What is the best WAN technology to use?

Three of the safest WAN options are shown below: MPLS. For countrywide WAN connection, MPLS is a safe, dependable, and adaptable option. An established Ethernet transport technology is used by the Metro Ethernet (MOE) Metro Ethernet Service, a versatile and user-friendly transport service. SD-WAN (Software Defined Network)

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What WAN technology is most cost effective and suitable for the telecommuter?

What WAN technology is the most affordable and appropriate for telecommuters? D. DSL is a well-liked Internet connection technology for business telecommuters due to its fast speeds and affordable price.

What is frame relay wide area network WAN technologies?

Frame relay is a packet-switching telecommunications service created for low-cost data transport for sporadic traffic between endpoints in wide area networks and local area networks (LANs) (WANs). The service has previously been extensively used and deployed.

What is the common device that is usually used of WAN technology as a pathway?

A LAN is often connected to a WAN via a router or another multipurpose device. Users may share access to programs, services, and other centrally placed resources thanks to enterprise WANs.

Which two WAN connectivity options are packet switched technologies?

Two conventional (legacy) packet-switched connection choices are available. Enterprise LANs are connected using Frame Relay, a straightforward Layer 2 non-broadcast multi-access (NBMA) WAN technology. Multiple locations may be connected to utilizing various PVCs using a single router interface.

Which traditional WAN connectivity option uses T carrier or e carrier lines?

Leased lines are a kind of dedicated, long-term WAN connection that use the T- or E carrier system.

Why circuit switching is suitable for voice transmission?

Due to its little transmission latency and steady signal transmission rate, circuit switching is beneficial for speech transmission. well suited for analog speech signal transfer.

What is WAN packet switched WAN?

In order to transfer packets from a source to a destination over a carrier network, network devices share a single point-to-point connection in the packet switching WAN switching technique. Devices may share these circuits thanks to statistical multiplexing.

Which of the following are examples of WAN technologies?

WANs have been implemented using the following networking and communication technologies. Transfer Mode with Asynchrony. broadband cable. Internet using a modem. subscriber digital line. communication using fiber optics. Relay Frames. ISDN. rental line.

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What are WAN technologies?

The network that links geographically far places uses wide-area networking (WAN) technology. It may be used to link a customer to the corporate network, establish connections between a company’s branch offices, and create other kinds of wide-area connections. Other, more compact network types include MAN, LAN, and PAN.

Which 3 methods are commonly used to connect a WAN?

WAN network connections using common carriers include MPLS. Specialized Lines. Ethernet Frame Relay (discontinued). SD-WAN. Brown Fiber.

What is the difference between point-to-point WAN and switched WAN?

While a point-to-point WAN consists of two end nodes linked by a leased line, such as a dial-up line connecting a home computer to the Internet, switched WAN networks are used to connect numerous end nodes over a shared WAN network, such as an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network.

Is a WAN technology which involves a Layer 2 transport service through the service provider network?

A point-to-point connection uses a Layer 2 transport service across the service provider network and often requires specialized leased-line connections like T1/E1 lines.

Is DSL a WAN connection type?

Wide Area Network, or WAN, is essentially the internet. WAN vs LAN Port: How Are They Different? The WAN Port is used to connect the router to your internet connection. Port WAN A LAN port connects to your modem (DSL, Cable, or Fiber) ties your local network devices together Labeled LAN or Ethernet Labeled Internet or WAN another row

Is HDLC a WAN connection type?

Types of WAN Connection This connection utilizes synchronous serial lines, and the HDLC (High-Level Data Link Control) and PPP protocols are the most often encountered in these lines (Point-to-Point Protocol). You ought to employ this kind of connection when cost is not a concern.

What technology can be used to create a private WAN via satellite communications?

A method for establishing a private WAN using satellite communications is the very small aperture terminal (VSAT). A VSAT is a tiny satellite dish used to build a private WAN that gives faraway places connection.

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What are the different types of WAN?

Switched WAN and Point-to-Point WAN are the two different forms of WAN.

What is Hybrid SD-WAN?

A wide area network called a hybrid WAN distributes traffic over two or more different connection types. To optimize the utilization of available network resources, hybrid WANs use a range of connection choices. A hybrid WAN often combines Internet-based IP VPN tunnels with specialized multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) circuits.

Which type of WAN network design is the most fault tolerant?

Mesh topography

Which of the following device in frame relay WAN technique is a service provider device that does the actual data transmission and switching in the frame relay cloud?

The actual data transmission and switching in the frame relay cloud is performed by Data Circuit Terminal Equipment (DCE), a service provider equipment.

Which type of networks does the frame relay WAN protocol is consider as example of?

The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) systems used by many businesses have long used frame relay. It is often regarded as the more efficient upgrade to the more dated form of packet switching technology, X.


The “which wan technology establishes a dedicated constant point-to-point connection between two sites?” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to this question is the “Wan Technology” which is a cellbased technology and well suited to carry voice and video traffic.

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