When Will Apex Technology Merge?

Apex also stated that an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders (the “Special Meeting“) would be held on Wednesday, J. at 10:00 a.m. ET to enable investors to vote on the proposed Business Combination with AvePoint, among other things.

Similarly, Who is Apex technology merging with?


Also, it is asked, Is Apex Technology a good stock to buy?

We anticipate Apex Technology Acquisition Corp may do poorly in the next days or weeks, despite the recent trend. As a result, we have an unfavorable opinion on this stock.

Secondly, What happens to APXT stock after merger?

The APXT stock will be renamed AVPT when the merger is completed, but it will continue to trade on the same exchange. It’s vital to remember that AvePoint isn’t a fly-by-night operation.

Also, Who did AvePoint merge?

Apex Technology Acquisition Corporation is a technology acquisition company.

People also ask, Is APXT merging with AvePoint?

J. Scheduled Special Meeting to Approve Business Combination and AvePoint, Inc. Announce Registration Statement Effectiveness BURLINGAME, CA and JERSEY CITY, NJ — Apex Technology Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: APXT, “Apex”), a publicly listed special purpose acquisition company, and AvePoint, Inc., a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company, have announced a partnership.

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How do I buy stock Avepoints?

Compare share trading platforms to learn how to acquire shares in Avepoint. Use our comparison table to choose the best platform for you. Establish a brokerage account. Fill out an application with your information. Verify your payment information. Examine the stock. Invest now or later. Keep an eye on your money.

What is APXT stock?

Apex Technology Acquisition Corp. is a company that specializes in technology acquisition.

Is AvePoint a good investment?

Because the entire addressable market for AvePoint’s products is expected to be $40 billion to $50 billion, the firm has a lot of room to expand. This is a significant market that AvePoint can tap into for long-term revenue development. The corporation made $184 million in sales in the previous year.

Is AvePoint a good buy?

Because AvePoint is presently not profitable, most analysts will look to sales growth to determine how quickly the underlying company is expanding. In general, firms without profits are expected to increase revenue year after year, and at a healthy rate.

Should I invest in AVPT?

One (20%) analyst recommends AVPT as a Strong Buy, two (40%) analysts suggest AVPT as a Buy, two (40%) analysts recommend AVPT as a Hold, 0 (0%) analysts recommend AVPT as a Sell, and 0 (0%) analysts recommend AVPT as a Strong Sell. What is AVPT’s expected profit growth in 2022-2023?

When did AVPT go public?

AvePoint will go public in November 2020 after merging with Apex Technology Acquisition Corp, a blank-check firm (APXT). AvePoint co-founders Tianyi Jiang and Kai Gong were retained as CEO and Executive Chairman, respectively, in the $2 billion deal.

Is AvePoint publicly traded?

Following the completion of its merger with Apex Technology Acquisition Corporation, a blank check firm, AvePoint, a Microsoft 365 data management solutions supplier, has gone public.

When did AvePoint go public?

2 July

What does Apex Technology Acquisition Corp do?

(“Apex” or “the Company”), a publicly listed special purpose acquisition company (NASDAQ: APXT), urges all stockholders to vote in support of the company’s proposed business combination with AvePoint, Inc.

Who is the CEO of APXT?

What is the mission of Apex Technology Acquisition Corp? Apex is a special purpose acquisition organization run by co-CEOs Jeff Epstein, former Oracle CFO, and Brad Koenig, former head of Goldman Sachs’ global technology investment banking division.

What is APXT target price?

Aptinyx’s 12-month average price objective is $4.60, according to analyst ratings.

Is AvePoint undervalued?

Is AvePoint now overvalued? AvePoint’s stock is now undervalued, according to Wall Street experts.

What is DocAve SharePoint?

Overview of DocAve’s Platform What exactly is the DocAve Platform? Users may backup, manage, and migrate their SharePoint, Office 365, and file shares using the DocAve software platform. Most Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint migrations now utilize our FLY migration tool.

Is AvePoint part of Microsoft?

DocAve Online is the industry’s first and only Office 365 software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform built entirely on Microsoft Azure.

Where is AvePoint located?

New Jersey’s Jersey City

Should I buy APTX stock?

2 (66.67 percent) analysts suggest APTX as a Strong Buy, 1 (33.33 percent) analysts recommend APTX as a Buy, 0 (0 percent) analysts recommend APTX as a Hold, 0 (0 percent) analysts recommend APTX as a Sell, and 0 (0 percent) analysts recommend APTX as a Strong Sell. What is APTX’s expected profits increase from 2022 to 2024?

Is APTX a buy?

Based on the current 1 hold rating and 4 buy ratings for APTX, the consensus rating for Aptinyx stock is Buy, according to the published ratings of 5 analysts in the past year.

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What is ShareGate tool?

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What is AvePoint used for?

AvePoint Online Services hosts this site. We safeguard collaboration in the Microsoft cloud, SharePoint, Salesforce, and Google by migrating, managing, and protecting data.

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Apex Technology Acquisition Corp. is a company that specializes in acquiring other companies and merging them into the new company. They have been around since 2009, but they are not yet merged with another company.

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