What Types of Advanced Technology Are Used in Mapmaking Today?

A wide range of techniques and equipment may be used in mapping. Aerial photography, sensors, GPS, satellites, and GIS are a few of the more popular instruments that we’ll discuss in this section.

Similarly, What are the two types of lines on Mercator’s map?

Lines of longitude (meridians) and latitude (parallels) are both shown on his map as straight, parallel lines. The Mercator projection would later come to be recognized as this. Oceans and continents fit into this grid of geographic elements.

Also, it is asked, What two lines mark zero degrees on the globe in which direction do the lines run?

What two lines on the globe represent 0 degrees? These lines flow in which directions? The prime meridian, which runs north and south, and the equator, which travels east and west, are the lines.

Secondly, What is cartography quizlet?

The art and science of creating maps is called cartography. A model is a larger- or smaller-scale depiction of something.

Also, What landscape feature is implied by closely spaced contours?

A steep slope is indicated by closely spaced contours. A gradual slope is indicated by widely spaced contours. A uniform slope is shown by evenly spaced contours.

People also ask, Is the Mercator map still used today?

Mercator’s projection is still widely used today despite these inaccuracies. Mercator not only published his well-known projection but also invented another geographical instrument that is still in use today.

Related Questions and Answers

What is longitude and latitude in Google map?

To locate a location, enter coordinates. Here are some instances of effective formats: Degrees in decimal form (DD): 41.40338, 2.17403. DMS: 41°24’12.2″N 2°10’26.5″E in degrees, minutes, and seconds. 41 24.2028 degrees, 2 10.4418 decimal minutes (DMM).

What is the unit of longitude and latitude in describing location?


What do we call someone who makes maps quizlet?

cartographer. a someone who creates maps or charts.

What kind of map would you use to show information about a city?

Among the most popular types of reference maps are “political maps.” They are fixed to the inside walls of schools all throughout the globe. They depict the physical borders separating governmental entities like nations, states, and counties. They display highways, cities, and significant water features like lakes, rivers, and seas.

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What is difference between Vasco da Gama and Bartolomeu Dias?

What was one thing that Vasco de Gama and Bartolomeu Dias had in common? While da Gama was sailing around it, Dias had already reached the tip of Africa. De Gama was an Italian, whilst Dias was a Spaniard.

What is a saddle on a topographic map?

saddle. The base of the slope separating two hills is known as a saddle. The knobs or summits of two hills are shown by the yellow patches. The saddle is the orange region.

What is a contour interval on a topographic map?

A contour interval is the distance in height between individual contour lines on a topographical map. 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, or 100 feet are typical contour intervals. The size of the map and the terrain being shown determine the actual contour interval.

Are world maps wrong?

The majority of land masses are warped in order to make all places the right size in relation to one another. Although nations are essentially the proper size, they are by no means the ideal form because land masses seem stretched—horizontally at the poles and vertically at the Equator.

Why does Alaska look small on a map?

In fact, Libya is a bit smaller than Alaska, which seems to be a behemoth on Mercator maps. The widely used Mercator projection exaggerates the size of land masses near the poles in comparison to regions close to the equator, distorting their relative sizes.

Why does Google Maps use Mercator?

The Mercator projection is mostly used by Google Maps because it preserves angles. Because Google Maps did not initially employ this projection, straight angles on roadways and the like could not be preserved in towns at high latitudes.

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How do I use coordinates in Minecraft?

Use the function key F1 to see your location in Minecraft. The upper left corner of your Minecraft window will display your world location (X, Y, and Z) coordinates.

How do you send latitude and longitude on WhatsApp?

On your smartphone, launch WhatsApp. Head over to the chat you wish to give your location to. Next, choose Location > Tap on Send your current location, and then click the attachment option at the upper right (it looks like a paper clip symbol).

How do you convert decimal to DMS in Excel?

Simply update [Lat/Long Cell] to point to the DD cell you wish to convert to DMS by changing the text between the brackets. Add the required number of 0s after the decimal point in the “00.00” portion and change the “2” to the desired number of places if you want a different number of decimal places for the seconds.

Why prime meridian serves as the reference point for measuring west or east distance?

Why is the prime meridian used as the reference point for calculating distances to the west or east? The eastern and western hemispheres are divided by the prime meridian. The International Date Line is located at 180 degrees longitude, halfway around the globe.

What is imaginary line that extend horizontally from east to west in a globe?

Latitudes, or parallels of latitude, are the fictitious east-west running horizontal lines on the surface of the Earth that are parallel to one another.

What is the graticule quizlet?

What does graticule mean? a term given to the network of lines used to identify places on the surface of the Earth.

What color on a topographic map represents water quizlet?

Blue is often used to depict the water. Differential land elevations are represented through relief using color. Orange or brown often indicates greater heights, whereas green typically indicates lower elevations.

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Which point is the most important for the cartographer to consider before creating a new map?

Cartographers choose the region to show on the map and the details they wish to include before beginning to create it. They take into account the audience’s demands as well as the goal of the map. These choices govern the kind, size, and kinds of features that must be included in the projection.

What is an object map quizlet?

what a map or item is. a group of pairs (key, value). Imagine that we have made an object phonebook containing our friends’ names (keys) and phone numbers (values).

What type of map shows landforms mountains lakes rivers and elevations?

Actual Maps

What kind of map shows rivers mountains and plateaus?

landform diagram

Which of the following map not comes under the category of physical map?

Political maps don’t display geographical elements.

How did the voyages of Dias and da Gama help Portugal establish trade with Asia?

The first European to discover an oceanic trade route to India was Vasco De Gama. He succeeded where many explorers before him failed. The Portuguese were able to build a robust colonial empire in Asia and Africa because to his discovery of this maritime route.


Maps are a type of technology that has advanced over time. Maps today can be classified into three different types: topographic, satellite, and hybrid. These maps all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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