What Is Riverbed Technology?

Similarly, What is riverbed and how IT works?

Riverbed technologies let enterprises visualize, improve, repair, and accelerate the performance of any network for every application, all while supporting business goals like reducing cyber security risk and improving the digital experience for all users.

Also, it is asked, Why is Riverbed used?

Every click, every digital experience is aided by Riverbed. Alluvio delivers actionable insights and intelligent automation while boosting decision-making and digital service quality by capturing full-fidelity data and visibility on every transaction throughout the digital ecosystem.

Secondly, What happened to Riverbed Technology?

DECEMBER IN SAN FRANCISCO Riverbed Technology (RVBD), the market leader in application performance infrastructure, announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Thoma Bravo, LLC, a leading private equity investment firm, and Teachers’ Private Capital, the private investor division of Teachers’ College.

Also, What kind of company is Riverbed?

Riverbed Technology, Inc. specializes in software development. Application performance monitoring, cloud migration, network performance monitoring, and security solutions are all available from the company. Riverbed Technology has clients all around the world.

People also ask, Who are riverbed competitors?

Dynatrace, Viavi Solutions, New Relic, GlobalSCAPE, and ASSIA are some of Riverbed Technology’s rivals. In comparison to its rivals, Riverbed Technology ranks second in Customer Service Score.

Related Questions and Answers

What is Riverbed WAN optimization?

Riverbed WAN Optimization solutions enable companies to increase the performance and management of their current bandwidth. They may benefit from up to a 20-fold increase in effective capacity and a 50-fold increase in the speed of corporate applications.

Is Riverbed Technology a public company?

Riverbed Technology is the latest large IT business to exit public markets, with Thoma Bravo announcing a $3.6 billion buyout on Monday. .

Is Riverbed a good company to work for?

Is it a nice place to work at Riverbed Technology? Riverbed Technology has a 3.8-star rating based on 1,253 anonymous employee evaluations. 71 percent of workers would suggest Riverbed Technology to a friend, and 51 percent are optimistic about the company’s future.

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What is Riverbed opnet?

Riverbed Technology’s OPNET Modeler, now known as Riverbed Modeler, is a commercial simulation platform. It features a large library of standard models, the most of which are provided by the suppliers themselves.

Is aternity part of riverbed?

J. – SAN FRANCISCO Riverbed®, The Digital Performance CompanyTM, today announced the formation of a new Aternity division to take advantage of the tremendous growth opportunities in Digital Experience Management (DEM), which includes Riverbed’s End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) and Application Performance solutions

What is SDR in riverbed?

Data Referencing on a Large Scale. RiOS employs a Riverbed proprietary method called Scalable Data Referencing in addition to typical data compression techniques (SDR).

What does Riverbed SteelHead do?

SteelHead is the industry’s leading optimization solution for quicker application delivery across a Hybrid WAN. You have superior insight into application and network performance, as well as the end user experience, using SteelHead WAN optimization solutions.


What are the distinctions between SD-WAN and VPN? SD-WAN, on the other hand, is a collection of several WAN functionalities combined into a single platform with simplicity of administration. VPN secures communication between headquarters and branch offices by providing verified WAN security between two or more endpoints.

What is MPLS vs SD-WAN?

Between SD-WAN and MPLS, there are a few key distinctions. To recap, SD-WAN is a virtual overlay that is detached from physical lines, while MPLS is a dedicated circuit. This provides MPLS a modest benefit in terms of minimizing packet loss, but it comes at a higher cost per megabit transported.

Is SD-WAN hardware or software?

What is SDWAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network)? It’s a software-defined wide area network (SDWAN), which creates a virtualized network overlay by abstracting a network from its hardware. This overlay, which may cover huge geographical distances, can be managed and scaled remotely by operators.

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How many employees does Riverbed Technology have?

Riverbed Technology has 1,200 workers (2020)

Who bought Riverbed Technology?

Bravo Thoma LLC

How do I download Riverbed?

To use the portal, you must first log in. In the upper-right corner of the site, click Support. Choose Downloads. The SteelHead (in the cloud) software download page on the Riverbed support site is presented.

What does Riverbed Aternity do?

Riverbed|Aternity products let enterprises visualize, improve, remediate, and accelerate the performance of any network for every application, all while supporting business goals such as reducing cyber security risk and improving the digital experience for all end users.

Which Riverbed product can be used to deliver application performance management down to the individual object and method including memory usage?

SteelCentral APM is the only application performance management solution that includes end-user experience monitoring, transaction granularity, and HDAnalyticsTM.

What is Riverbed SteelHead Mobile?

SteelHead Mobile Client – When linked to a Mobile Controller, the SteelHead Mobile Client allows endpoint PCs and Macs to optimize data. SteelHead Mobile software is sent to endpoints using packages.

How does SteelHead Mobile work?

SteelHead Mobile enables mobile professionals to be very efficient and productive with a simple software package installed invisibly on laptops or desktops. To optimize applications, SteelHead Mobile works directly with any SteelHead solution. Remote employees are no longer remote with SteelHead Mobile.

What is Riverbed SteelFusion?

Riverbed SteelFusion is the first and only branch convergent infrastructure that enables data centralization, fast recovery, and reduced TCO while delivering local performance.

Can SD-WAN replace firewall?

95 percent of SD-WAN solutions, also known as premise or hybrid SD-WAN systems, are also NAT routers, taking over one of the key functions of the current firewall and necessitating a mental shift.

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Is SD-WAN the future?

SD-Future WAN’s Is Multi-Cloud Cloud-native technology will become standard as more companies adopt a hybrid or remote workplace model. It will be driven by 5G, a significant mobility driver that will link people into overlays and hyperscalers through the cloud.

What is Cisco SD-WAN?

Cisco SD-WAN delivers enhanced analytics, monitoring, and automation for every network connection, including MPLS and connections beyond the cloud edge. You can assist guarantee that users get the optimum speeds and performance from the apps they need to succeed using Cisco SD-WAN.

What replaced MPLS?

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), sometimes known as the MPLS alternative, is a way for building a reliable, high-performance WAN. SD-WAN improves traffic routing over numerous possible transport connections rather than utilizing dedicated circuits.


MPLS and Ethernet are the two most prevalent wide area network (WAN) connection choices.

Is MPLS the same as VPN?

1. A virtual private network (VPN) is a network built on top of a computer network that directs and transports data from one network node to the next. 2. To ensure high levels of security, VPNs utilize cryptographic tunneling technologies; MPLS may be used between the Data Link Layer and the Network Layer.


Riverbed Technology is a company that specializes in networking equipment. They have many different products, but their most well-known product is the Riverbed WAN optimization appliance. The device allows companies to optimize their networks and improve performance.

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Riverbed Technology is a company that produces software and hardware for business. Their products include the Arista, SteelCentral, and Riverbed WAN optimization appliances. These are some of their competitors in the market. Reference: riverbed technology competitors.

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