What Is Ariat 4lr Technology?

Outstanding daily support and comfort: Four Layer Rebound (4LRTM), Ariat’s® entry-level technology, cushions and stabilises the foot for all-day comfort and performance. A four-layer footbed ensures maximum comfort. The lightweight shank adds stability and support. Works with a range of outsoles for various applications.

Similarly, What is Ariat ATS technology?

Ariat’s® revolutionary mid-level technology provides stability and comfort: Ariat’s® Advanced Torque Stability (ATS®) technology supports and cushions your foot as you walk, encouraging proper posture and minimizing tiredness so you can work or play all day. The moisture-wicking footbed keeps you cool and dry.

Also, it is asked, Are Ariat boots genuine leather?

Ariat boots are high-quality cowboy boots with square toe designs and high-quality leather uppers, mid-calf shafts, rubberized insoles, and dura thread soles. Ariat boots are the greatest cowboy boots for horseback riding and may also be worn to work due to its durability and comfort.

Secondly, Are Ariat waterproof boots good?

Ariat was quite useful. My boots were comfortable immediately out of the box, and I didn’t have to break them in. All of this, plus it’s waterproof. They’re as comfy as they’ve ever been after many months.

Also, What is a Duratread outsole?

The Duratread outsole is known for its durability, protection, and flexibility. As a result, the rubber composition provides excellent wear resistance while remaining comfortable. A handful of the benefits of the Duratread outsole are listed below.

People also ask, What is uturn entry for boots?

A flexible elastic panel placed in the rear of the shaft of Ariat’s U-Turn® Entry System boots gives a little of “give” to enable your feet through the turn. U-Turn® Entry technology allows feet of all sizes to easily wear pull-on boots.

Related Questions and Answers

What is Ariat turn?

The Ariat U-Turn entrance system is a back-of-the-shaft flexible gore panel that allows just enough give to get feet over the turn with ease.

Is Ariat a Mexican brand?

Ariat International, based in Union City, California, is a footwear, clothing, and accessory company for equestrian sports, job industries, and other outdoor activities. Beth Cross and Pam Parker founded Ariat in 1993.

Ariat goods are trendy, long-lasting, and comfy. Not only that, but they’re also jam-packed with special, cutting-edge technological features created by re-imagining and revamping classic things to better fit the demands of current equestrians.

Can I use mink oil on Ariat boots?

Is it possible to use mink oil on Ariat boots? Ariat boots can surely benefit from mink oil for softening, conditioning, and waterproofing. Not only that, but mink oil will protect your Ariat boots from cracking, drying, and staining.

What does 4LR mean in Ariat boots?

Rebound in four layers

Who is the owner of Ariat?

Cross, Beth

What company makes Ariat?

Ariat International Inc., a Western and equestrian footwear and apparel firm known for equipping the US Olympic equestrian team and supplying boots for the Professional Bull Riders Inc. cowboys, has been sold to the Fisher family, the dynasty behind Gap Inc.

Is Ariat a good brand of clothing?

They’re soft, simple to clean, and long-lasting! Ariat sneakers are my favorite! I wear them with jeans, out on the town, to church, and with my scrubs (I work as a nurse). They’re soft, simple to clean, and long-lasting!

What are Ariat boots made of?

Ariat’s DNA is quality, comfort, durability, and usefulness, and it guides the creation of every product we make. Hollin and his crew choose robust, durable, and thick skins to develop and manufacture Ariat boots that survive the test of time and last through the harshest of situations.

Is ARIAT an ethical company?

In our ethical wool product supply chain, Ariat is devoted to eliminating needless damage. To guarantee that our ethical wool products are come from sheep that have been handled with respect, we have created specific sourcing guidelines.

How often should you oil cowboy boots?

Depending on how frequently you use your boots, you should condition them every 3-6 months. Never use oils like mink oil or olive oil on your leather since they can discolor it.

Does water ruin cowboy boots?

If you want to keep your boots in good shape and extend their lifetime, store them in a well-ventilated, dry location. But have no fear, those leather boots are tough and long-lasting. A few drops of water won’t harm.

Do I need to waterproof leather cowboy boots?

Without a doubt! Cowboy leather boots should be waterproof, particularly during the wet or snowy seasons. Although cowboy leather boots are quite resilient, prolonged exposure to water may cause them to deteriorate. That is why you should understand how to waterproof leather cowboy boots using sprays, mink oil, and conditioner.

How do I protect my cowboy boots in the winter?

Any time of year, mink oil is an excellent boot care product. To remove extra dirt or salt stains, just apply to a clean cloth and gently polish your western boots. Regularly applying mink oil to leather will keep it from drying out, ensuring a smooth and malleable surface.

When was Ariat created?

Founded in 1993, Ariat

Are Ariat cowboy boots made in China?

Ariat, a high-end riding boot manufacturer based in Union City, Calif., produces boots in Italy, Mexico, and China, as well as the United States. According to the US Census Bureau, the value of US manufacture of men’s western-style boots plummeted by 40% between 1997 and 2002. “We are part of a global economy.”

What is Ariat worth?

Ariat, situated in Union City, California, and owned by private equity companies LNK Partners and Brentwood Associates, did not reveal the purchase price. However, according to one person familiar with the issue, the firm produces about $300 million in sales and is worth between $350 and $400 million.

Is Tecovas ethical?

Our fair-trade firm employs well-paid craftspeople, many of whom have been handcrafting boots for decades. Click here to learn more about our handcrafted bootmaking process!

Are Blundstones ethically made?

Blundstone Australia Pty. Ltd is dedicated to ensuring that those who create our products are treated fairly and are not exploited. On a local level, this implies that our suppliers’ employment standards are higher than the country’s minimal government-mandated criteria.

How do you sanitize cowboy boots?

To begin, dilute the alcohol with water at a 1:2 ratio. Then absorb the solution with a towel and clean the boot’s surface. Baking soda usage: Baking soda works well as a disinfectant. It may help you remove mold stains quickly and prevent mold growth.


Ariat 4lr is a thermoplastic which is used in the production of a wide range of products. It has been designed to be tougher than rubber, and less likely to crack or break. This material was originally developed by Ariat company.

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Ariat 4lr Duratread outsole is a technology that was developed by Ariat. It is a lightweight, durable, and flexible rubber compound that can be used in many different applications. Reference: ariat 4lr duratread outsole.

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