In What Ways Did Europeans Owe Some of Their Sailing Technology to Other Peoples?

In what ways did Europeans owe other people part of their sailing technology? The magnetic compass was brought from China, the astrolabe was brought from Muslim civilization, and the triangular sails were brought from Arabic culture.

Similarly, What would happen if Portuguese ships sailing on the Spanish side of the boundary line discovered land and vice versa?

What would happen if Portuguese ships found land on the Spanish side of the border, and vice versa, under the conditions of the treaty? The Spanish would own the land, and vice versa.

Also, it is asked, What were the major causes of European exploration What were some results?

Explorers saw the opportunity to gain not only cash but also fame and honor. Nations desired to seize the wealth of new countries as soon as they were found. The desire to propagate Christianity outside Europe was a last motivation for exploration. Both Protestant and Catholic countries want fresh converts.

Secondly, What were the motives behind European exploration in the 1400s Explain quizlet?

Europeans sought to establish a new sea route to Asia, they wanted knowledge, they wanted to propagate Christianity, they wanted money and glory, and they wanted spices during the Age of Exploration.

Also, What role did the renaissance play in encouraging new technology and exploration?

What role did the Renaissance play in ushering in a new era of discovery? They instilled in them a fresh sense of adventure and wonder. Europeans were inspired to explore the world around them by this enthusiasm.

People also ask, Where was the imaginary line of demarcation drawn specifically through which ocean?

Spain and Portugal partitioned the New World by establishing a north-south demarcation line in the Atlantic Ocean around 100 leagues (555 kilometers or 345 miles) west of the Cape Verde Islands, off the coast of northwestern Africa, which were then under Portuguese sovereignty.

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Why do you think the printing press could have such a huge impact on mapmaking and exploration?

Why do you believe the printing press had such a significant influence on mapmaking and exploration? Because making maps and keys for exploration would be quicker, simpler, and more precise; before, if an explorer wanted a map, it had to be painstakingly duplicated by hand.

What technological advances allowed Europeans to explore?

The astrolabe, magnetic compass, caravel, sextant, and Mercator’s projection were the five significant breakthroughs of the Age of Exploration.

What were the effects of European exploration?

The Columbian Exchange and a rise in international commerce resulted from European expeditions. European countries contended for colonial territories. The European economy has seen significant transformations. Some parties seek to limit global commerce now, much as they did in the days of mercantilism, to safeguard specific jobs and sectors from competition.

How did European exploration impact Europe?

Exploration expeditions had a significant influence on European trade. More products, raw resources, and precious metals flooded Europe as a consequence. Particularly in the Netherlands and England, new trading hubs arose. Capitalism grew as a result of exploration and commerce.

Why were Europeans so interested in sailing to Asia?

The Europeans wanted a piece of the profit produced by dealing with Asia, thus they were interested in locating it.

Which motivation of European explorers contributed to sailing west across the Atlantic Ocean?

Columbus hoped to find a new trade route to Asia by sailing ships west over the Atlantic Ocean. This would allow Spain to increase its imports of spices and other items from China and the East Asian islands. Columbus planned to discover and bring back gold and silver as well.

What motives drove Europeans to explore the world were some of these motives more important than others?

God, money, and glory are the three main motivations for European exploration and colonization of the New World, according to historians.

How did technology aid and assist the growth of European exploration?

The magnetic compass and rose represented a significant technical advance. The magnetic compass and rose were other significant technologies that aided in the emergence of the Age of Exploration. Compasses, which consist of a magnetic needle, provided mariners with an incredibly strong navigating tool.

How did the Renaissance influence European exploration?

The Renaissance affected the Age of Exploration because Renaissance people were engaged in learning and inquisitive about what was out there; they were also less interested in the church, which led to a greater interest in worldly affairs. Nations also have a lot of money.

How did the Renaissance motivate European explorers?

What inspired European explorers during the Renaissance? Give two compelling explanations. Explorations are encouraged by Renaissance principles such as curiosity, religious faith, and the growing Renaissance worldview.

Why did Europeans travel across the Mediterranean Sea to reach the Silk Road?

competitively with other European countries. To access the Silk Road, Europeans had to traverse the Mediterranean Sea. a settlement rivalry for colonial lands

How did the European battles for Indian Ocean trade affect the peoples of Asia?

What impact did European battles over Indian Ocean commerce have on Asian peoples before the 19th century? Asia’s inhabitants were untouched. What was the importance of the Dutch East India Company in European exploration? They inspired the Europeans to explore by beating all of their competitors.

What factors helped spur European exploration?

What factors aided in the expansion of European exploration? Desire for new sources of income, a desire to promote Christianity, and advances in sailing and navigation technology.

How did the printing press help European explorers?

Writers, explorers, and artists were all inspired by the proliferation of printing presses. Everything was pricey and handwritten before the press. Everything was only available in a few copies. In the 1400s and 1500s, explorers had few hand-drawn, unrealistic maps on which to base their travels and discoveries.

What was the role of improved technology in European exploration in the 15th and 16th centuries?

What impact did advancements in technology play in European exploration throughout the 15th and 16th centuries? Ships were able to go quicker because to the steam engine. At sea, the mariner’s astrolabe calculated latitude. The ships were pushed farther by African slave rowers.

What inference can you make about change in literacy in Europe between 1471 and 1500 explain your thinking?

What conclusions can you draw regarding the rise and fall of literacy in Europe between 1471 and 1500? Because of the growth of printing and improved accessibility to print, literacy rose.

How did advances in sailing technology impact European exploration?

European expeditions and discovery were also aided by new technologies. Ocean currents and latitude lines were better shown on better maps. Navigation was enhanced by inventions such as the astrolabe and magnetic compass.

Which three technological advances allowed European sailors to find routes to Asia?

More precise maps, better ships, and better navigation aids like the compass and astrolabe were three technical breakthroughs that helped make European exploration journeys feasible.

What technological inventions helped sailors in their exploration and discovery of new lands?

The astrolabe and the caravel were invented to assist sailors travel quicker, further, and more safely.

What were 3 effects of the Europeans coming to the Americas?

Smallpox, influenza, measles, and even chicken pox claimed the lives of American Indians. These illnesses were familiar to Europeans, but Indians had no immunity to them.

What was the role of improved technology in exploration?

What impact did technological advancements have on the European era of exploration? European expeditions and discovery were also aided by new technologies. Ocean currents and latitude lines were better shown on better maps. Navigation was enhanced by inventions such as the astrolabe and magnetic compass.

How did European expansion impact European society?

Intense social/religious, political, and economic conflict erupted in Europe as a result of European expansion into the Western Hemisphere, as well as the advocacy of empire building.

How did exploration lead to new economic systems and a European world power?

Capitalism grew as a result of exploration and commerce. This economic system is built on profit-making investments. Merchants made a lot of money by trading and selling items all over the globe. Many of them utilized the money they made to fund additional expeditions and develop trade businesses.

What were 3 examples of new technologies that improved sailing?

Navigational Enhancements Navigation has been improved. Lateen sails, the astrolabe, and the magnetic compass are three instruments that are particularly important during this era. The astrolabe, which resembled a compass but was really used to combine astrology and navigation, was the second innovation of significance.

Why did the Europeans want to explore a sea route in reaching the east instead of traveling through the old land route?

Europeans tried to develop naval routes to the Far East in the 15th and 16th centuries. Columbus was looking for a fresh way to reach India, China, Japan, and the Spice Islands. He would be able to bring back magnificent cargoes of silks and spices if he could reach these places.


The “what did the treaty of Tordesillas reveal about Europeans’ attitudes toward non-Europeans?” is a question that has been debated for centuries. The treaty of Tordesillas, which was signed in 1494, defined how European countries could claim land outside their own continent.

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Europeans owe some of their sailing technology to other peoples. The European countries that were competing for Asian trade during the age of exploration were Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, England and France. Reference: what european countries were competing for asian trade during the age of exploration?.

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